Is this blog for me?

The intention of this blog is to help you out with concerns, ideas, brainstorming and questions you may face when you go to the entrepreneur side and start an online business. As the blog title states, we will start from scratch! I only assume that you have a great desire to create and do business! I don’t know all things concerning to this matter, but I will share with you what has helped me to start.

As I shared in the first entry, the internet is a huge hub of possibilities! Many of you as me are wanting to know how to take advantage of the web and create an online business! There is a lot of people -and I believe even you and me- who buy stuff online. Buying things and services through the internet is increasing very fast. A forecast says that in 2017 online sales will duplicate what was sold in 2012, reaching $2,143 trillion UDS worldwide*. Can you imagine all that money? We must take advantage of the wave! So in my mind arises the question:  How can I start?

*Online Sales forecast


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