Products and services.

You might know what a product and a service are. But I just want to make sure we are in the same channel. Also we need to talk how they need to be offer through our business to have a higher success rate!

Product: is an article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale. Something the end user gets. This can be any physical or virtual thing. Like food, cars, phones, software, apps. It is something that the user is going to owe. It will belong to them.

Service: is the action of helping or doing work for someone. This is not something the user can owe, rather something by which they receive a benefit. Like massages, hair cuts, software support, your phone line (right?, you do not owe the antennas and devices to make transmissions, rather you pay for the right to use them).

Having this clear difference we need to know, that there are three ways to become successful in selling Products or Services. These principles apply to either one.

1 Create a new Product/Service. Being the first at something always give you some advantage, it makes you look as an innovating mind, it gives you credit for it, and allows you to be the only seller if you own the copyrights. This can be challenging because you are opening a new market, but if it is something that people love, you will become very prosper.

Example: New invents, the light bulb, or YouTube. Both were just new thing for its time.

2 Enhance/Improve an existing Product/Service. If you think deep, why would anyone buy to you something that already exists? It just doesn’t make sense, most of the people will go to their know places to get that stuff. There are two thing that you can improve around a product:

a) The product it self. Who doesn’t like cookies? But many people do delicious cookies, what can you improve over them? maybe make them more colorful, bigger, in different shapes. You got to think how can the user/customer enjoy it better, desire it more.

example: the iPod, iPods, were basically an MP3 player, they were not the first ones, but what make them so desirable? Apple did a good job telling people that they were easier to use, were fancy and well design, people would buy them and discover that they were in fact. That gave them the acclaimed fame they had.

b) The process of getting the product. Two companies could be selling the very same product, no change on it. But what would make a customer buy to one over the other? Quickly we can say: price and trust. Trust is something that is built over time. Price is not always the reason. What really is going to attract customers is the buying process, the whole experience behind it!


How can I start?

The first thing to do is be determined to start! Then we have to decide how to do it!

To do that, we got first to understand some things:

-Every business offers either a product or a service.

-Traditional business rules and models apply to online business, but you will find peculiar business models as well.

-Business models adapt to products/services.

-You have to understand your context.

I will create posts for all four points above to explain with more detail!

In this section we have to understand that setting a business is a matter of tenacity, discipline, desire, thinking and creativity. It is hard work, but it is always worth it. Don’t become disappointment when things just don’t go the way you want, or when you are not archiving the results you want. In these cases, we would need to do a deeper thinking, and it is when the most valuable lesson will come!

So, let’s understand more how an online business works!

Is this blog for me?

The intention of this blog is to help you out with concerns, ideas, brainstorming and questions you may face when you go to the entrepreneur side and start an online business. As the blog title states, we will start from scratch! I only assume that you have a great desire to create and do business! I don’t know all things concerning to this matter, but I will share with you what has helped me to start.

As I shared in the first entry, the internet is a huge hub of possibilities! Many of you as me are wanting to know how to take advantage of the web and create an online business! There is a lot of people -and I believe even you and me- who buy stuff online. Buying things and services through the internet is increasing very fast. A forecast says that in 2017 online sales will duplicate what was sold in 2012, reaching $2,143 trillion UDS worldwide*. Can you imagine all that money? We must take advantage of the wave! So in my mind arises the question:  How can I start?

*Online Sales forecast

The World of Opportunities!

We live in an amazing time!

With the great technological advances of our days, we are empowered to go further than any man could just years ago. One of these great innovations of our time is the internet, which is a vast ocean of knowledge, a huge web for communication and an apparently endless virtual world! The internet is a great opportunity in every sense to achieve our goals. There are almost infinite ways to take advantage of this resource!